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Problems Moles Cause

Moles are a species of lawn damaging pest that you will almost never make eye contact with, but whose damages have the ability to bring tears to your eyes. First let’s talk a bit about what a mole actually is, they are a species of garden pest that has a cylindrical body that is short and stocky in shape. Their body is covered in a velvety dark brown fur and including their short bare tail, they grow to about 6-7 inches in length. They also have small under developed eyes and ears, but what they lack in eyes and ears they make up for in feet. To dig their underground tunnels they have large front feet with curved nails that they use as a make shift shovel. Another important feature about moles is that they don’t hibernate, when the weather gets colder they simply tunnel deep into the earth below the frost line, unlike other animals and unfortunately for humans, moles don’t store fat, so they have to continuously eat. And boy do they eat, did you know that each mole consumes about 50 pounds of worms each year!

In order to get the required amount of earthworms they need to survive each day, moles tunnel through the earth searching for the prey, the problem is that this habit causes major damages to residential lawns. Not because they are actually feeding on the grass, bulbs, and plants present, but because as they tunnel through the ground the roots of plants are damaged, up-rooted and thrown about. Also, moles cause unsightly tunnels at the surface of your lawn and create golf ball sized holes at their tunnels entrance and exits, which are not only unpleasant to look at but can be a hazard as well.

Try as you might, it can be very difficult to prevent moles from choosing your property to invade, this is because they are ground-dwellers and it is hard to stop something that you can’t see coming. It is almost impossible to prevent them from moving over to your lawn from your neighbors or from the park next door. Another tricky thing about moles is that they are attracted to healthy well-watered lawns; this is because a healthy lawn is going to be full of their favorite food sources, earthworms and grubs. However, once moles find your lawn, if they are not stopped your lawn will begin to look anything but healthy!

While moles are a difficult pest to eliminate from properties, it is not impossible, especially when you choose to partner with a professional pest control expert. To limit their damages, at the first signs of these furry ground-dwellers on your property you should contact the The MAA and use our certified specialist network to find a trained professional near you. A customized plan is created using modern and humane technologies that meet the need of your specific property. With the MAA Contractor Guarantee you will have peace of mind knowing that your mole problem will be completely taken care of year round!

Contact us today to learn more about our mole solutions and become one step closer to evicting these damaging pests from your property!

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