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We are the association of American mole experts dedicated to the ethical, effective, and professional treatment of ground moles and the problems that come from them. The MAA is the only organization in North America providing insight into ground mole information and services, oversight ensuring certified service providers meet MAA standards, as well as putting an end to the spread of miss information, and costly services that just don't work. 

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The FMAA basic membership is perfect for home improvement enthusiasts and is complete FREE. Dealing with Mole Control can be a daunting task – trying to find a mole catcher that can get the job done can be even more difficult! All MAA partners must adhere to the Mole Catcher’s Code of Ethics, which is based on professionalism, serving the interest of clients and operating with integrity. Take the guess-work out of finding a solution to your on-going mole infestation by signing up for the free membership, and let us connect you with an MAA certified professional who will get the job done! In addition to finding the certified professionals, you will receive access to our bi-annual newsletter, coupons for mole control equipment/preventative maintenance treatment, exclusive offers and promotional prizes from our sponsors and discounts on hiring a certified professional. We will also send you (at your request) a free North-American Mole Guide book at no charge.

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The value of an MAA Professional Certification (MAAPC) membership cannot be overstated. As a member, you’ll have full access to exclusive advertising opportunities, practical and compelling content, and essential tools that help drive profit and lower cost. Join your peers and partner with the MAA community today!


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  • Utilize the credibility of the MAA and its official seal to set yourself apart from other professionals in your area.

Featured Fact!

Moles are able to tolerate higher levels of carbon dioxide and will reuse oxygen inhaled above ground to aid in longer survival underground!

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Spring 2022

The World of Mole Trapping!

Tips and Tricks.

Trap types, features, and how to set the perfect trap. Included in your

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Fall 2021

Preventions and Poisons

Learn about natural and synthetic mole preventative as well as how to use grub killer, poison worms, and more!


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